The Jason files

“Most of us have two lives. The life we live, and the unlived life within us. Between the two stands Resistance.”
- Steven Pressfield
So…about me….
My name is Jason, born in Quebec, Canada, April 14th 1988.
Sounds like the start of a military form. Baah..writing an about page sucks, there is no way to do it without  feeling like an idiot. Anyway, so I was born and raised in el Canada, land of the free and home of the beer drinking, poutine eating hockey fanatics!…only I think hockey is ridiculous and alcohol is disgusting. Poutine’s aren’t too bad though.
I was raised lower middle-class…ish. My parents are separated.Father is relatively well off, my Mother would be considered poor by many people.
I grew up with my head stuck in fantasy books, the majority of my childhood was lived in my head, dreaming up story after story where I conquered villains, saved the girl  and generally kicked ass with nary a worry.
I have an intense disgust of alcohol and cigarettes. I have 6 people in my family who are addicted to alcohol, not even counting the other addictions, and I chose at 20 to never touch a drop of alcohol in my life ever again. Cigarettes are just..sad. Thousands of people who just don’t care about themselves lighting up daily, so unfortunate.
I used to be totally against drugs, but after years of research and hearing people I respect give their opinions, I am a lot more open minded on them depending on why, how and where you are taking them.
I love books, reading has been one of my greatest saviors. I am a big anime nerd, and will occasionally get into a video game, but that is a rarity nowadays.
Long walks and deep quiet make me happy.
I believe strongly in movement, even though I am a lazy bastard. Ido portal, Erwan LeCorre, and Frank Forencich have strongly influenced my views on what the human body is meant to do and experience.
This blog is my attempt to get out all the thoughts that jumble up my brain keeping me up late at night since I do not have the convenience of a pensieve as the wizards in Harry Potter do sadly.  I hope anyone reading this can find something that can spark an idea or bring some laughter to their day.


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