Little bits of love

You know it is a strange thing people say, that I have said as well, this idea

that when you lose someone you just need to give it time because most of the

missing comes from all the habits and comforts you had built up with that

person. Even people who leave someone else say oh I am only sad now because

of these habits I had with that person, we enjoyed a lot of the same things

but it wasn’t because I loved him/her.

This is madness.

The reason you built up all those habits and felt so comfortable with that

was because of the love you had for them and they for you. People do not

appreciate all the small, little things that go into love.

We all have very little time on this Earth, and to choose to spend the

precious time you have with someone, enjoying the same music, shows,

books, reading and laughing together, these are the most meaningful moments

in your relationship, this constant choosing to spend every mundane second

with another person and making it special because they are with you .

People only call big, well thought out events romantic, but do not see

the pure romance in loving someone so deeply that just seeing them smile

in pleasure at something you like and connecting with them brings.

These are the little bits of your love for someone scattered throughout the day,

bringing you two together again and again. Don’t forget.

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