A thousand thousand coincidences led me into your arms.

To think, that if you had not moved into that right area,

gone to the right school,

made friends with just that right person,

who would happen to be the little sister of my oldest friend,

and if she had not decided to invite you to that halloween party,

which turned out to be the last one my friend and I had, even though

we had had them for almost 20 straight years in a row before that, you and I

would never have met.

Life is a unending maze, twisting and turning without rhyme or reason,

we wander along it, sometimes crossing paths with others on their journey,

mostly passing each other by, missing out on connections by just a moment.

Even though I have lost you, and countless other friendships and loves before,

if I look back upon my life, it all seems like such a miracle that I was

even blessed with the opportunity to just see you smile, hear your voice,

touch your skin, and gaze upon the stars with you.

Each and every moment has become a map upon my skin, guiding me to new places,

new ideas, new becomings.

I am so grateful for the moments I have been given.

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