Stitched into my soul

I am stumbling in the dark, trying to find my way back to you.

All I find are the memories you have left behind.

You stitched a piece of yourself into my soul, like the

stitching in the pants you sewed for me.

Your little kindnesses are everywhere, I cannot escape them.

Your habits have seeped into me, have to put the toilet paper just so,

and keep the closet closed at night to keep you safe.

Who keeps you safe now that I am gone?

I know you are strong enough to do it on your own, but you deserve

to be held and protected. I don’t want anyone else to hold you.

I am selfish. I want to taste your lips and breath you into my

center, keep you locked away tightly.

But you are gone, and I am alone.

Why can’t I escape you.

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