Social Media confuzzlement

I cannot quite wrap my head around apps like instagram and snapchat.

I get the premise obviously, and there is a large part of me that

can see the appeal of just splashing the web with whatever floats into

your mind, whether it is through photography or video.

But in the end I just feel like an attention whore whenever I try to make a

video or take a picture, it seems so egotistical.

And yet here I am, a blogger, hell I write poetry!

Nothing worse than someone who writes poems.

And yet there is beauty in letting what you feel bleed out of you onto a page.

It is cleansing.

I wonder if that is how people who share their true selves through the medium

of photo and video feel? I want to put more effort into it.

I am quite tired of spending hours on end holding back my madness.

I want to let it roam free and see where it takes me.

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