Pleasure in pain

There’s a kind of pleasure in pain.

Allowing yourself to sink deeply into it can sometimes

be the only way to survive an event that has hurt you. It’s as though you need

to let yourself be completely overwhelmed in the pain, remember every aching

memory, stitch them into your skin and stand in front of a mirror for hours, just tracing the lines.

Sometimes the memories are all you have, and if you try to push them away and

move forward too quickly, then the very foundation that you stand upon gives

way and you tumble down the rabbit hole, only this time there is no Wonderland,

just a never ending hole that stretches to eternity.

Sometimes it is better to feel everything, it is a ritual,

a ceremony of purification.

Unfortunately some people do not come out cleansed, but instead are torn apart.

But most of the time, you come out stronger, free, clear headed.

The knowledge gained is without equal, and you are more than you were.

All you need to do is survive.

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