Welcome to the Circus show

In a few days the President of the United States of America will be chosen.

For months that damn country has been losing its mind, splitting apart as people

collectively let loose every inane, racist, sexist, bigoted thought kept caged in their minds.

It is all pretty funny.

The most amusing thing to me though is the fact that for some reason, people think it is

wise to put ONE PERSON to run a country of 300 million. Think about that for a second!

One human being, with no special qualifications at all except knowing how to read the

script someone else wrote for them, is going to govern MILLIONS of people.

Most people cannot even control their own actions that well, and this person is going

to deal with millions of others shit on top of their own? its bloody madness.

There has never been a great president, or prime minister, or leader of any kind ever.

Even the good ones made horrible mistakes. Nowadays it’s even more of a joke because

the majority of decisions are not even made by the president, but by hundreds of other

politicians and corporations led by other idiots who have no business running society


I think everyone needs to calm down, and just realize that this is all just one big

circus show. Nothing will change, regardless of who takes office. One might do more

damage then the other, but that damage will be rectified the next term, then the next

president will make new mistakes while fixing the old mistakes, and it’s just a big

vicious circle jerk of dumb idiots who never should have been in power ego fucking

themselves while bashing everyone else.

How long are we going to let this charade go on for?

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