No one to blame

Humans, whether young or old, love to lay the blame for anything negative that happens at the feet of everyone, or anything else. Some few rare people prefer to blame themselves.

In the end though, blaming yourself or others just gets you nowhere. Coming to terms with the how and why an event happened is what matters most, but only if you plan on actually using the information you glean in a positive way.

You could blame your partner or yourself for a break up, or a friend for doing something stupid, or some stranger for causing you discomfort, but nothing gets resolved after.

In the end you need to take what you have experienced and try to spin it in a way that will help you to improve yourself as a person, anything else is just a waste of time and effort.

Annoying people in your life? how can you mitigate the damage they are doing? perhaps you could shift an environment around to stop them from causing you issues, or maybe just learn to accept that you cannot always control what happens in your life and just breathe and let it pass you by,  after all no one can MAKE YOU angry, it is a choice we make usually by believing that the person was deliberately trying to mess with us, which it hardly ever is.

Blaming yourself can be destructive in many ways unless you are being open minded and using that guilt to push yourself to be more than what you were. If you have just spent the last year moping and hating yourself because of mistakes you have made, well then you have officially accomplished nothing.

Use what life throws at you, and the mistakes you make along the way, as motivation to see where you are in need of improvement as a person. The more you do this, and the more you see every opportunity as a chance to grow in spirit, the more you will attract others to your side who are like minded, or perhaps you will even inspire others to start on the path as well, and this will just multiply the effect on yourself.

Always stride forward with your head held high, we all make mistakes, accepting this and forgiving yourself and others is a the surer path to a better life.

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