Leave the past behind, open up to the present.

In the overall scheme of things, humans are just a blip in history, barely affecting the flow of life.

I have heard incredibly intelligent people say how we as humans are actually special because unlike other creatures we are aware of our existence in a very different way and we affect everything around us, changing the course of nature.

This is nothing but conceit.

We think that because we build skyscrapers and fly to the moon somehow that makes us more, but all we are is just another creature on the planet who happens to be able to build stuff. It doesn’t matter how complex what we build is, it all came from the Earth and the universe. Nothing we make will ever make us more than what we are. Even now as we delve into the realm of gene editing, whatever we do to our bodies, we will still not be anything more than what the universe gave birth too.

I get it, people are afraid. We do not comprehend life and our existence, so we desperately try to make up a multitude of reasons as to why we are here, and why we are more than other life.

At this point in history, all we can say with absolute certainty is that we are destroyers. Yes we can build, but almost all that we have built comes at the expense of Earth and other life. We destroy habitats, rip out minerals, pollute our air and water, tear holes in our own atmosphere. What exactly should we be so proud about building?

So we went to space, who cares! I will admit that when you consider the fact that not long ago we were banging at each other with swords and shield, it is a wonder. But what has it really done for us as a species? what has it given back to our sense of self and our connection with the Earth and others? some will say it has contributed to our sense of wonder and appreciation for our planet, but I have seen very little of that. Those rockets require us to tear open the earth for rare metals, the fuel it burns is poison to us and other life.

The majority of our inventions serve one purpose and one purpose only. To allow us to be lazier, to free up HUMAN time so that we can relax and do more of what we want to do. Now I can and do take advantage of this, I am not speaking from a moral high ground. I am simply being honest with myself and everyone else. Of the thousands and thousands of ideas we come up with, a minuscule percentage actually do good for the world in any meaningful way. Most have caused destruction and pain to one group of people while another gets fat and ignorant.

In the last 100 years, what ideas have come forth to deal with our ridiculous population growth based upon religious foolishness and individual selfishness? who has sparked a change in housing that wastes less resources and focuses on environmental connection?

When has anyone ever brought up the fact that our cities are old and dying, and that the patch jobs we are doing are using up tons of resources and will fail eventually regardless!!

We know that the environment can only deal with all the shit we throw at it for so long, but everyone is happy to just stay in their bubble and worry about how good they look in that selfie they took.

I mean come on, look at the elections in the united states right now, and around the world for the last decade, it’s a joke. We are so caught up in our own self hatred and ignorance that we haven’t gotten anything of any true value done since the time of the greeks.

Sure we treat people better now, in some countries, sometimes, depending on how people feel at the time. Damn what an amazing thing we have done.

People speak about the right for people to have their own beliefs and do as they wish, while simultaneously putting others in jail for not obeying the things they felt like making illegal. It is such garbage. Weed and cocaine are illegal but people can smoke cigarettes in someone else’s face and get drunk and smash a car into someone?  People should have a right to their traditions and religion but then stutter and fall silent when a religious person burns a woman’s face off for not wearing a mask because all these fucking religious losers, and I do not mean just Muslims here, Christians and Jews and everyone who thinks that some god damn prehistoric books should be teaching them how we should live?

Some people may take this as me hating religious people or technology or humans, but it isn’t that. It is frustration. The same frustration a parent must feel when they know their child is amazing and can do incredible things but is wasting their potential getting drunk and partying all week.

We are both depressed and type A personalities. We are trapped in our pasts, trying to capture what was before while also being terrified of what the future will bring.

This is going to lead to our downfall. We need to get our shit together people. This is 2016 not the time before Christ.

Racism, religion, old traditions with no basis in reality, sexism, homophobia, IT ALL HAS TO GO.

We need to stop fighting each other, stop being afraid of the unknown and unite as one. Now that does not mean there cannot be diversity, it means that the diversity we have has to be beneficial and serve as something that draws us together. But most of the diversity I see is just selfishness and ego and fear.

We are better than all of this. I know we are. We just need to let go of the fear, drop the masks and be who we were meant to be.

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