Interesting Brain Bubbles: The wanderer and the art of love

Winter has been a hell of a bummer for me, coupled with a new job that has just beaten me black and blue and my desire to write plummeted to the bottom of a sinkhole. I hope to pull myself out as of …right now.  I will start off with a quick fun Brain Bubbles post.

Fitness and nutrition

-Do we accept the paradigm of weakness as we age?-Lifting after 40

Over 40 training is a scam

Environment and agriculture

-If you care at all about sustainability, take a look at this article. The real cost of feeding the world

Personal development

-Maria shares her insights from the philosopher Erich Fromm on love as a skill that needs to be developed.  The art of love

-Wanting change is not enough, it requires hard work, dedication and the ability to pick yourself up time and again and keep moving forward.  Wanting change is not enough


-A great post by Tim Ferris as usual, here he explains in detail how he built up his podcast to such a high ranking.  Creating a #1 podcast

Thought provokers

-Are you someone who loses their minds when they do not have their cellphone on them? maybe it is time to really think about why you need to be attached to a phone all day.

No cellphone? No problem

-Conversations on gender are extremely tense these days, this article by Kim Scott is probably one of the best I have read on how men and women need to approach each other to resolve the conflicts arising in our society.   Gender and radical candor

-Jason Silva with another great video on our desire for the new and the unexpected.

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