Pieces of me

I find pieces of myself strewn across the landscape every day,

They are the most curious of things,

Forgotten dreams and half remembered memories.

They call to me, whispering silent knowledge of who I am,

Then like dust picked up by the wind, they scatter into the sky

Stirring the air and creating waves before my vision until nothing is left.

I become lost in these moments, standing frozen, trying to gather all the

pieces into a cohesive picture, to figure out who it is that I need to be

Failure is inevitable, life is a storm, crashing into you, battering you into the rocks

never relenting, always taunting you with visions of a sandy beach just out of reach

Daring you to reach out for the sunlight just hidden behind the clouds until…


Eyes straining, trying to open, gritty and pained, you look around and realize all your

efforts were for nothing, you are back where you started, and the pieces are adrift again

But you keep moving forward, trying to gather them up…

What else can you do?


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