I don’t understand holidays

Anyone who knows me personally is well aware that I have zero affection for holidays, besides the enjoyment of being paid while not working.

People may call me a scrooge, but I just cannot wrap my head around it intellectually. We will not get into the fact that all the myths about certain holidays are completely ridiculous.

I suppose my main issues lie with two facets of the holidays. The first being that they have become commercialized to such a degree that for many people all it is is an excuse to buy stuff they don’t need.

Christmas is a time when children and adults complain if they do not get gifts, the same with valentines day, where for some reason a day in the year has been chosen for us to prove our loves to our significant other.

The second issue is that for the majority of people I speak too, they say the holidays are great because it brings family together.

Am I the only one who sees this as a problem?

If it takes a special day to bring you and your family together, then maybe you all don’t like each other as much as you think you do.

Real love and generosity doesn’t need a special day to show itself.

If you care for your family and want to see them, then you will make time to do it monthly. If you care for someone, you will make time to do something cute or funny or special for them, at any time of the year.

Hell even Halloween is ridiculous. The main premise of hallows eve has been distorted beyond recognition and is now just a time to get drunk on candy and alcohol and dress up to look as foolish or as naughty as possible.

And just so you know, I have no issues with candy, alcohol or dressing up, but if you only do it once a year because some random tradition says it is okay, then you are not truly living.

I suppose I just cannot stand it when people do stuff just because other people tell them too, and not because they truly want too.

Because if people really wanted too and cared about the things that happen on holidays, then they would do them multiple times a year, spontaneously and with pleasure.

I obviously overthink these things, but what the hell, someones got to do it.


Merry Jesus Day to all of you, even if you’re like me and do not give a damn about religion.



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