The fire that warms my soul

Some people describe pain as a blazing furnace

Yet for me it has always been a numbing cold

A riptide of icy water, pulling me into its depths

The truly frightening part the realization that

In my heart of hearts, I don’t want to fight it.

Release. No more thinking, just..nothingness.

To know that as the days go by you lose a bit of your soul

to that overwhelming emptiness, it drains you.

But then you come by.

You shimmy and swirl your way through my door,

time stops.

Little smiles, songs and dance, laughter and cuddles.

And without you even realizing it, you build a little fire beside my feet.

Two years and counting

even though my soul is cracked and leaking into that ever present void,

for just a moment,

just one more moment please, wrap yourself around me .

let me warm my soul beside your fire.

-Jason Blanchard


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