Inspireme: Poetry Within Movement

We have created a society filled with people who from an early age are trained to become masters of stillness. Unfortunately, unlike the Buddhist monks who inspire us with their many hours long meditative practices, ours are primarily involving staring at a computer or watching television.

For those who have not lost the desire to move, a whole new realm of the mind is open. Throughout history, many have denigrated those who choose to focus their lives on the mastery of movement, whether it be through combat or dance or any of the other movement disciplines, those who enter into these realms are usually looked upon as less than intelligent, brutes and fools.

And yet just as many, if not the same people, look upon those movement disciples with awe, as they watch them twirl, flip, and gracefully walk through life while they themselves wallow in weakness.

More and more science is coming out showing that the human body is reliant on movement for a myriad of important functions. Some things, like the lymphatic system removing toxins, are highly necessary if we wish to remain healthy throughout life and require constant movement to function. We also see that the massive complexity of the brain was largely developed for complex movement and that the more we move the more it helps our brain to work efficiently, even be creative!

Whether it is something as simple as walking or as complex as the movements of a high level gymnast or dancer, all forms of movement are a wonder to watch and see, whether it is from a human or another species.

I hope that as we move forward with our technology we will return to our love of our bodies and exploration of movement.

Just as poetry can move our souls, so to can the pleasure of connecting with ourselves through movement.

Here are some breathtaking examples of different movement, hope you enjoy!

This last one is of my favorite movement teacher and disciple Ido Portal, its a long talk but worth listening to as he explains the reason why so much specialization in movement these days is as problematic as sitting in some respects.

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