Aglow with fire

I sometimes wonder what life is all about, then I remember that life doesn’t exist for any special reason other than to propagate itself, get bored and go back to sleep.

Humans desperately crave meaning, so much so that we have become perfectly happy making up things that make us special, unique, so that we can feel as though we more than anything else deserve to live(hopefully forever in a nice shiny place up in the sky).

Chaos. That is what life is. A bunch of chaotic elements, bumping and grinding into each other daily, trying to survive and reproduce and be noticed.

Is it any wonder that so many of us feel the need to shout out our names into the ether, forcefully trying to make the world acknowledge our existence.

We are puny creatures in the grand scheme of things.

And yet, I cannot help but find that this truth just highlights how magnificent we are.

Humans have destroyed most of the world in our quest for dominion, our need to control, we have blunted creativity, enslaved our fellow brothers and sisters, created an entire world off the pain of others.  You would think with all of this negativity that every one of us would just be cruel and thoughtless.

But this is not the case, so many people over the ages have shown courage and love beyond the norm, giving their lives and hearts to the cause of the evolution of the human spirit.

When I see a farmer waxing eloquently about our connection to the earth, or the story of a woman who gave her life to save another, the rich man realizing that his wealth is pointless without direction give it all to a cause to help others, it lifts me up high into the sky and lets me feel what it is to fly for a moment.

There is inspiration to be found in every corner of the world, and it is up to us to take the time to find and consume this knowledge, to absorb it into our very beings so that we can elevate ourselves to greatness, thus illuminating the path for those around us so that they may follow along as well.

Yes, there is much darkness in the world. But for me, that just makes the small candles sparking into existence that much more breathtaking.

The world is aglow with fire, you just need to open your eyes to its beauty.

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