Interesting Brain Bubbles: Strength through fire and metal….and some retail stuff.

Looking back, I realize that I have always numbered a lot of my writing. It is such a small and insignificant thing, yet in essence it transforms a simple piece into content, meant to be read in order or somehow given more significance.

Well I am going to stop numbering my stuff. Maybe ill create a title, maybe it will suck, but who the heck cares.

It has been awhile since I made a Brain Bubbles post so here we go, some fun and interesting articles and videos to check out.

Fitness and nutrition

-Is charred meat really as scary as the news would have you believe?   Charred meat..bad or good?

-Train till your’e stopped by pain or train smart and longer?     Pain=no gain?

-Period all out of whack? Check out Chris’s info.    Period regulator 3000

Personal development

-The gym teaches much it does.    Gym lessons

-Another satire on the cesspool that healthy eating can lead you into.    Poor healthy eaters/

Thought provokers

-How long will the muslim world stay silent about its internal issues?  Growing up

-I honestly think our commercial consumerist society is a piece of garbage and needs massive reform, but there is hope when we begin to bring creativity into all aspects of our lives. This video doesn’t excite me much, but gives me hope for better change in the future.

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