We are all of us Gods

“many people die at 25 but aren’t buried until they are 75”

-Benjamin Franklin

What is the purpose of life?

This question has haunted humanity for generations untold, and yet in many ways the answer is simple.


Evolution is the story of growth, of organisms struggling day after day to survive until life decides that the best course of action is death and the continued search of strength through a new and improved generation.

And yet, strangely enough, growth is one of the most frightening things to the human race.

Change frightens us. We do everything we can to stay comfortable, to never leave our bubbles.

Even as we desperately crave new experiences and discomfort, we fight to keep things safe and dull.

Even when speaking of ourselves, we spend so much time asserting that our personalities are fixed, that how we are is who we are and that change is impossible.

And yet the truth enfolds around us, showing the lie for what it is, a cover for our cowardice.

The truth is that even as our bodies age and die, we are growing. Our opinions, our ideas, our habits, we have the capacity to shift them 360 degrees right until the moment we pass on.

We can completely shock our sense of self any day by hopping on an airplane and throwing ourselves into a new culture or simply allowing ourselves new experiences.

Growth is life.

If you are standing in the way of your own growth, then you are already dead. Just pick up a shovel, dig a hole and throw yourself in it, might as well make room for the new.

We are all of us Gods, it is time for us to embrace it.

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