Civilization is a joke

The human heart as modern civilization has made it is more prone to hatred than to friendship. And it is prone to hatred because it is dissatisfied.

-Bertrand Russell

My focus the last few months has been on allowing myself to discover all the positive things that are happening on our planet. More than any other time people are trying to change the world for the better.

But there is still an overwhelming amount of people who simply want to survive and get by and will do whatever it takes regardless of the damage to the planet and those around them.

I am not one to judge others for being selfish, sure I try to not hurt others and I am slowly trying to make my imprint on the planet smaller, but I still have not done anything special to help anyone.

I just find it a bit amusing to hear people talk about civilization as though it has brought us so many incredible perfect things. Looking around me, I will admit that considering we are dumb apes we most definitely have created a God like society when compared to other species. Yet most of our achievements have been purely based on our desire to be more comfortable, to be lazier, to get what we want regardless of the harm done to the environment or the health of our species.

We are more sick than at any time in history, the environment is shifting more rapidly than is natural because of all the damage we have inflicted on it, most of the technologies we spend time developing are purely distractions for people who have given up on doing anything of value and just want some handy phone game or tv show to numb themselves with.

Saying that we have created a great civilization is a joke.

What we have created is a giant disaster of an experiment. A human zoo that we thought would make all our dreams come true that instead is turning most of us into greedy, thoughtless, self centered pricks.

I count myself in this category. I find myself thinking the most ridiculously egotistical thoughts sometimes. Dreaming dreams of control, wanting to just have what I want no matter what even if it means taking away someone else’s freedom.

Luckily I recognize that this is a symptom of a life not properly lived, allowing to many true needs to go unfulfilled leaving a gap for petty desires to swarm in to try to fill the void.

It is a struggle to determine your values, it is a war to stick to those values when the society you live in wallows in the complete opposite of what you want to embody.

One step at a time.

What a pain in the ass.

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