Drown in the moment

Why do we always Replay the Memories of past Hurts

Why do we choose to Haunt our thoughts with Aches and Bruises long past

I say no more, I say it is time to Breath in every moment like it is your last

Suck the last morsel of Flesh off the bone, Scream and Scream till you shatter Stone

Run naked in the forests,Dance in the rain, hold your tongue out and drain the sky

Cloud Walk , laugh out loud while lightning burns the sky with its Rage

Press your hands to the Earth, Feel the pulse of the Mother beat through your Skin

Cry until the ground Cracks from the Anguish you have held inside for so long

Cry until your Blood and Tears drown the land 

Cry until every last Inch of you is Empty 

….Quiet now…so so Quiet now..Can you hear it?

Now that You have Emptied all the Waste taking up Space 

Just remember to Breath now

Can you hear it? It goes Boom…Boom…Beating Heart

You’re Alive 

 Grab hold of it Now, Bite down on it until the Blood seeps into your Veins

This is Why we Live

Drown in the Moment

-Jason Blanchard

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