Interesting Brain Bubbles #8

Health and fitness

The NerdFitness Boss gives his input on Body acceptance –Body acceptance

Katy drops the bomb on children wearing heels –No No to any heels

Frank explains how trying to control the chaos of our lives is impossible, and how we can look to art to find ways to balance ourselves –Art and life

Personal Development

James gives the pros and cons to college…lots of sex woohoo- College pros and cons

A look into the world of design and violence-Design and Violence

True friendship is a rarity, but all the more beautiful for the difficulty involved in developing it. –  Anam Cara- true friendship

Toni Morrison brings us back to reality –Reality smash

Thought provokers

Addiction has touched many people in my family, and I myself have dealt with its affects in my own personal ways, this article just reaffirms what I have always believed. That within each of us lies the seeds of addiction, and the substance is simply a tool we choose to help it flower. Yet in the same way we can overcome this and plant new seeds and create a garden of our choosing if we wish too.

Addiction and life

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