Eternity within words

These eyes of mine have seen few places

Yet the eye behind my eyes has seen a thousand thousand suns

These ears of mine have heard only the simplest of sounds

Yet the ear behind my ears has heard symphonies reverberating through time

This nose of mine has smelled but few scents

Yet the nose behind my nose has smelled the heady scent of the unfolding infinite

I have seen little, yet the rolling hills of the shire beckon to me in my mind

I have heard little, yet the echos of battles lost and love found sing in my mind

I have smelled little, yet the smell of feasts and loving meals bring pleasure to my mind

In life I am limited, but in mind I am unfettered

I need no God in the sky nor spirit in the Mother to bring me to heaven

Eternity is trapped within the ink seeping onto the page off a writers quill

Words can release the burden of the here and now

Not through escape, but through perspective

To help you remember that You are not just You

That I am more  than simply I

But all a web , intertwined and entangled

connected as One

-Jason Blanchard

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