I hate sunglasses

Know me not by my fleeting thoughts, Know me not by my impulsive actions

Know me only by that which tells my true story

Know me by the truths that I strive to live by

Know me by the roiling depths of my sorrow 

Know me by the towering heights of my joy

To know me thou must only look within mine eyes

For they are the windows to my soul

Before I get into a more emotional rant on why sunglasses cause me such consternation, let us take a small moment to delve into the practical reasons why wearing sunglasses all the time, especially in the fashionista way that people do these days, is a terrible idea.

I honestly am constantly reminded at how people do not take any time to really think about why they do the things they do daily and what effect these things might have on their lives.

The eyes are a part of our bodies, and our bodies require constant stimulation to function and grow stronger. If you wear glasses that are affecting how your eyes perceive light, then you are weakening your eyes. I have quite good  orientation in the dark, and am not bothered by strong light during the day because I have never worn sunglasses in my life and because I shut off most bright white lights at about 7 or 8pm and only have red lights on in my home and electronics.

My eyes have learned to adjust, logic 101 people, not only do people wear sunglasses everywhere but they constantly stare at their phones and computers and also stay indoors most days staring at walls and ceilings, no wonder so many people have bad eye sight, long distance vision is never utilized and so weakens, then they wear sunglasses that affect how your pupil is going to judge distance as well.  You are also affecting how the eye takes in sunlight and produces vitamin D and other substrates….so for practical purposes…STOP.

Now for the real rant..I truly do not understand this whole obsession with wearing glasses as a fashion accessory, I hate to break it to you people but you all look like giant beetles with those big glasses it looks ridiculous.  But my main problem is more of a philosophical one I suppose, it is about connection and emotion.

I walk around a lot, and my work has a constant flow of people coming in and by it so I spend a lot of time people watching. I always try to catch peoples eyes and smile, to make a connection with someone. Only so many people wear these big black glasses that make it utterly impossible.  You basically look like an alien being, even if you smile my way it just looks weird, the lips curve up, leading you to the eyes where the true emotion is portrayed for the other person to see. The eyes are the windows to the heart.

Pain, happiness, mirth, playfulness, lust, the eyes show all. They are the gatekeepers, drawing you in with invitations to a show that is all your own.

I just feel like I am living in a world where people just keep coming up with new ways to wall themselves off from everyone else around them. Make them fade into the background and it saddens me.

Drop those sunglasses people, they are not good for your eyes and not good for your soul.

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