Interesting Brain Bubbles #7

Health and fitness

A major issue I feel is not being addressed in our eat like a rabbit culture. As far as I am concerned we do not have an over eating problem, especially not in health minded people. –Undereating? madness

Should use exercise as a weight loss tool? –Exercise for weight loss

Mark addresses the excuses people make for not training and our primal fear of dying in these 2 articles. Fear of death        9 excuses

Bryan lays the smackdown on people bitching on celebrity muscle  –   Smackdown!

Dropping homework so kids can play? brings tears to my eyes.      Playtime!

Personal development

Pay a little more attention to life.  Flowers and mindfulness

The japanese have always inspired me in their devotion to the little nuances in our daily lives, no more so then in their dedication to admiring our environment.

In praise of shadows

A re-evaluation of what it means to put yourself first.   Selfish? perhaps not.

A look at how each of us can be inspired by different things in life.  Desert Solitaire

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