Jason Silva spotlight- Finding awe in life

“We are perishing for want of wonder, not for want of wonders.” 

-G.K. Chesterton 

I was staring out over the water, watching the ripples as water lapped up against the shore, felt the breeze gently tug at my hair and play over my skin only to see it rustle the leaves of the trees standing beside me.

An idyllic scene, and I was struck by something incredibly simple and yet wondrous. How does it all work? there is water everywhere, and all these different plants and animals and insects just all over the place, all building and eating and being eaten and renewing each and every day and it is just so complex and IMMENSE that you cannot grasp it all.

Sure I understand some of the basic mechanics of soil and the chemistry of water but even if I were to be explained all of the intricate details of how the earth is working it would still live me with the question..how?

Understanding the basic components and processes does not stop it from being this incredible mystery!

The world is filled with so much that we just take for granted, and so many people say that science is killing the mystery of it all, but I think that science is doing wonders for it, showing how immensely detailed it is which just goes to show us how crazy it is that it exists in the first place! science should open your eyes even more to how wonderful life is, if it doesn’t then I would argue that it is you who is the problem, open your mind and it is impossible not to be stunned by the complexity of life.

I will leave you with this lovely video from shots of awe creator Jason Silva, as he riffs on the awe we need to recapture in our lives.

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