Love is a hurricane

A young friend told me she was heartbroken,

that the boy she had given her all to had walked away from her,

she asked me, pleadingly, what do I do now that he is gone?

He was my drug, my anchor to life.

In all my years of living and loving the only true thing I know for sure

I said to her, is that everyone wants to have a fairy tale love, and that they did

not exist.

Love is a hurricane. It is a storm that beats down on you, driving you further back,

yet when you put all your heart and soul into it, you can find a break, an opening,

where an island waits for you, to jump and laugh and play and savor the heat of

the sun. Until that story ends and you are forced back into the storm.

But love does not have to be forever, for it comes in many shapes and sizes, and

every love will teach you how to navigate through the hurricane to get to each new


Do not despair when you lose love, because the memories and knowledge gained

will always far outweigh the pain of the loss, and they will guide you to the one

who will one day look out into the storm raging around the island and say,

I know I am not perfect, and neither are you, but no matter what happens and how

many times we both make mistakes, I will always run out into the storm with you

until we find another safe place to rest our hearts in each others hands.

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