Re-connecting to your body

I think that many people can relate to the idea that we as a species have become disconnected from our bodies. Culturally the body has become either a storage unit for the brain to get from point A to point B or just as a way to show off ourselves to get laid.

Now neither of those things is necessarily bad per se, but when they are the only purpose you ascribe to your body, inevitably you will start to experience problems, you cannot mistreat the body and neglect it without consequences.

For myself growing up, I fell into the brain storage mentality. I did not really put any effort into the development of my body, I was much too focused on video games and reading and porn. Once I grew older and wanted female attention, I began to train and started to learn a bit of respect for what my body could do, but it was mostly focused on this idea that I needed to get big if ever I was going to get laid and I did not really go further then that. Which of course led to doing stupid things and causing injury to myself, which happened often as I was a scrawny twerp who still spent the majority of his time inside in front of a computer.

Once I began to work in a health store though, I was thrust into a world where the health of the body and mind were intrinsically linked, and I threw myself into it. Unfortunately I still had the got to get bigger mentality and I was not consistent in my explorations, which led to starts and stops and more injuries as I advanced, would stop for awhile then return trying to do the same level of movement I had gotten to before. Eventually this terrible mentality caused other issues, as I took the same approach to eating and supplementation, switching things around every 2 weeks, trying tons of new things and causing much damage to my internal systems.

By the young age of 22 I was suffering from shoulder,ankle,wrist pain, overall body fatigue and constant aches and discomfort, coupled with a lot of digestive issues, my sleep was trashed, it was just not a good place.

Now at 27, I wish I could say that I grew up and resolved all my issues, but alas life is not always so simple and I am a like a tornado of idiocy when it comes to taking my own advice and sticking to it.

My thoughts and views have evolved much since my younger days of stepping into the health world, and I look at much more then just nutrition and exercise in regards to health.

Summers around and I plan to take huge advantage in the lift in my mood, as winter has a tendency to knock me back about a dozen steps. Taking in the advice of wise men like Ido Portal, Erwan Le Corre, Frank Forencich and combining their advice with other disciplines I hope to really spend this time trying to find my center, to re-connect to that inner child of mine that wanted to explore everything around him, only now to focus that intensity inwards and connect with my body.

The idea of waking up one day and not being in pain is quite appealing as you can imagine, and I believe this connectivity will help me deal with other aspects of my life in which I find myself lost in.

Exploring my body, playing, weightlifting, some light conditioning, floor work, hot yoga, lots of long walks, sprints. I am going to do lots and lots of movement, not focusing overly much on one discipline at this time as I want to really just get my body to wake up, not to excel at one thing at this time.  I will keep things light, except for some very short intense workouts 2-3 times a week, probably hitting 5-10 minutes. My sleep is still very broken, and I do not want to push myself too hard, yet I have used my sleep as an excuse to be lazy for the longest time and nothing has changed, so fuck it. I will be smart but damn it all I am tired of feeling weak.

For those of you who are in the same boat, do not let life drag you down to a point where you completely ignore the needs of your body, it needs lots and lots of movement to be happy. Those of you suffering from injuries, I know it is even more difficult, but there are many many ways to work around injuries, and a lot of the science shows that this can speed up healing quite well. I know science shows huge benefits for those suffering from depression, which I consider myself to have to a mild degree, so regardless of how you feel force yourself to do it. And for all of you who think training is just for meatheads, or who think life is just about sitting in front of a computer, stop making excuses. There are hundreds of ways to be physically active, don;t sell yourself short, I know the draw of being online and games and all of that, I still love them, but the real world is better, trust me.

Good luck to everyone!

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