Pee problems aka urinary incontinence….ishhh for men

I generally do not allow myself to get too emotionally affected when I buy things, I find way too many people get too attached to buying stuff to make themselves feel good. But after 3 years of holding off and using terribly crappy laptops that do not work properly so that I don’t spend any money unnecessarily, I finally caved in and bought myself a lenovo yoga 3 pro, and gosh darn does it feel good to not be struggling with my laptop anymore.  In celebration I have decided to write a post on something very awkward and humorous, hopefully this enlightens anyone who had my issues.

Urinary incontinence is a condition characterized by someone losing control of their bladder and peeing themselves. There are many different degrees to it, from literally peeing oneself to having just small squirts of urine which come out, usually when someone moves quickly or laughs.  I will speak only on the matter of the dribble, the small amount of urine which comes out, usually when someone has gone to the bathroom not long before.

I spent years having this issue, I would go the bathroom, be quite sure I had emptied my bladder, only to have small little dribbles come out randomly throughout the day, it drove me insane and was very embarrassing, especially once I started being sexually active obviously.

I spent many hours looking it up online throughout the years, and was always brought towards kegels or glute strengthening, people constantly pointing out that people with weak musculature and body control had these issues. It mainly focused on women, who seemed to have this issue a lot after pregnancy.

This never did anything for me, I was in decent shape, had good squat mechanics and was completely baffled by my problem.

And then the magic moment happened, one day after perusing a forum randomly, I came across a beautiful comment by a man saying that the issue was quite simple. The tube running down from the bladder for men had a U-shape, which obviously created a little space at the bottom for pee to get caught in for some men, and all we had to do was gently rub the space between the end of the shaft and the top of the testicles to basically milk out the last bit of urine which had gotten stuck.

LO AND BEHOLD, a god damn 2 second fix changed my life. It has been months now that I am free from this embarrassing and frustrating condition, so stupid and so simple to fix.

Remember to put a very very gentle pressure, just at the base of the shaft, aim carefully, and voila that should push out the last of the urine.

Now my little padawans who felt betrayed by their best friend in the whole world(obviously the penis is mans best friend) go now! GO FORTH AND  FREE THY PEE!

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