Interesting Brain Bubbles #5

A couple of fun articles for everyone to check out.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt is all over the place, his series HitRecord is a fun collaboration of creators from all over the world, check out this interesting little short film they have put together, and I would definitely recommend checking out the other vids.

-Killer culture has released another interesting and humorous article showing how our “civilized” practices could be leading to some unhealthy ends, stop fearing the sweat people!.

-A quick, sad article showing why you should not listen to the majority of health information being propogated these days, and the disgusting systems we have in place.

-Brainpickings is out with another fun article on writing for children. I have always been adamant about not talking to children like they were idiots, they are simply young humans who have less knowledge and impulse control, which is not always a bad thing.

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