What a strange thing it is, this body we inhabit.
Flesh and bone, blood and brain.
Yet unthought of, the primary lifegiver that runs through our veins.
Water. Like a surging waterfall it pounds through us.
Like a winding river it courses through every surface.
Great minds have spoken of love and loss,
have lamented on the beauty of a womans face or the
gentle touch of a mothers loving hand.
On the great masterpieces of art and science.
But nothing to me compares to the elegance and raw power
of this simple substance-H20.
Hydrogen and Oxygen some may think of it, a simple substance.
Yet what is it truly but a physical representation of the mother that gave life to us all.
Some call her Gaia, others Terra.
Water is the milk of the earth, that she spews out to give us life.
No experience compares to the feeling of renewal with every drink of water I take.
Yet we destroy this lifegiver year after year, poisoning it until one day it will be us who is poisoned.
For within us, each of us is a copy of the earth. Almost eighty percent water, and soon we humans shall be as the Mother becomes
Desert and Death.

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