Interesting Brain Bubbles #4

A couple more interesting articles for you all to peek at!

-The awesome possum GMB fellows made a fun list of all the high quality gear they use and love and I tend to agree on their choices. Great for anyone looking for quality minimalist gear for winter and summer wear, and some basic techie stuff.

-Richard Nikoley and his buddies cobbled together an awesome 2 part series on finally shutting down the carbohydrate fear mongering that has been hyped up over the years, in it they use well done studies and knowledge we have on current traditional cultures use of natural sugar sources. Fascinating read, especially the masai-bird symbiosis.

-I know I know, I am officially a Maria Popova addict. Even though she mostly is just talking about other peoples work, it is done so well I just cannot help but admire her. Actually one of my favorite articles is one where she shares her own thoughts on hope and cynicism. I am putting another 3 articles down sharing ideas for D.T. Suzuki on Zen, Lewis Carroll on overcoming creative block and Astra Taylor on culture, all great reads!

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