Defining what is Right or Wrong.

In my humble opinion, I believe that no topic has garnered so much debate as the defining of Right and Wrong.

For centuries civilizations have attempted to hammer out the details of how and why we should think about certain things, creating laws and religious decrees that state what we should think and do if we want to live harmoniously with each other.

I believe that in some cases, it is truly a black and white matter, an easy thought is on whether murder should be allowed in any instance. Now with proper proof, we can all universally agree that killing someone in self defense is acceptable, and that killing anyone for any other reason is wrong. I say this in specific regards to living together as a species, I do not kill you, you do not kill me, were safe and this is good.

But what about from an ethical perspective? this has been argued again and again and again, mostly by those of religious backgrounds decreeing that some god or prophet said it is a sin to kill this person or that person depending on whether they are a heathen, or if it is one kind of animal.

I am someone who finds no purpose for religion, but I would not call myself atheist or agnostic, I find the use of titles to describe everything we feel or think to be limiting and the cause of most of the division in our species.

I am rambling. What is Right? is it right to kill someone simply because they attacked us first? or is the simple act of taking a life, which many say is sacred, something so horrible that no reason could possibly exempt you from the evil of the act.

Perhaps I am too analytical in my thoughts, but in the short time I have lived on this planet, I have seen nothing to prove that life is sacred at all. The earth goes through its cycles, trees and plants, animals and bacteria, we all are born, age and eventually pass on(except perhaps some trees, who seem to be immortal lol).

Some would look at this as a bleak proclamation, if life is not sacred then what is the point!? BLEH. Simple minded fools I would call them, too weak to recognize that it is in death that we find meaning, that most of what is happening now has happened a thousand thousand times before and will happen again, and that it is in the glory of all lifes brief existance here in the universe that it becomes sacred.

Now do not misconstrue this as my saying that we should worship death or some such. I am simply saying that everything dies, and it is truly sad in some ways, but is also brings a glorious excitement, a drive to do all that we can and experience every moment as deeply as possible.

George Carlin amply said ” why is life sacred? because were alive! no one dead gives a shit about the sanctity of life, you know why? BECAUSE THEIR DEAD!”.

It is in our best interests to call life sacred because we are alive and want to do everything possible to make sure we stay alive, so shitting on anything that may get us hurt is a definite yes.

I know I am rambling a bit, but it serves a purpose. Death and life are easy to look at topics, but it is a thought process that we bring over to nearly everything we say in society about Right and Wrong. And it is madness.

Yes, killing someone for no reason is not good because you do want the precedent to be set that anyone can just go and kill someone anytime they had a bad day at work.  But that does not mean that we can just blanket statement what we think is good or bad across the entire damn world.

Every individual is limited in their thoughts by their environment. How I perceive the world at the basest level is a series of inputs and outputs going into my brain from inside the womb until the day I die, most of my thoughts just suddenly pop into my head from my subconscious with no control from me. And even after it gets into my conscious thoughts the way I think and attempt to rationalize or change my mind is completely dependent on the environment I was raised in and continue to live in. Sure someone may change my opinion on something, but it is still only because my subconscious mind decided it was a good idea.

I am getting into the subject of free will here, which is so horrendously complex so let us move past it.

Basically what I am attempting to say is that at some level we all need to accept that trying to define what someone else should think is Right or Wrong because we think a certain way is arrogance, pure and simple. Now this does not mean you cannot have your own set of values that you have come too, stick by and explain to others, but getting mad that they do not agree with you is conceit.

Some people think being gay is a choice, I think they are morons and that even if it is a choice it really does not matter at all except if you are some crazy religious nut who thinks them being gay is an offense to some god.

Some people think that monogamy is the only way to be. I am happy in my monogamy, and love my girlfriend to death, but I am quite comfortable saying that polygamy does not bother me in the least, I can see it working out great for many people, and continuing the theme of sexuality I know that many people have desires and needs that I do not have and vice versa and that is perfectly FINE. But many people seem to feel it is their fucking holy duty to make sure everyone knows that sexuality is wrong, or only their sexuality is right. Even many great philosophers and thinkers have come to this insane(in my mind) idea that enjoying the pleasure of the body is somehow wrong and good people just subsist on good deeds and good thoughts(i agree with the idea of self improvement but I do not feel the need to disconnect it from the enjoyment of sex).

In closing, I just am flummoxed by peoples intense need to convince everyone else that they, holders of infinite wisdom, know exactly what is Right and Wrong in this world and that everyone around them should just meekly accept this.

In the words of all those angry thinkers who have come and gone…

Go Fuck Yourselves.

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