Interesting Brain Bubbles #3

Sleep has been an issue lately, my brain seems intent upon making me feel like I was run through a meat grinder. Heres a few interesting articles to check out while I try to scrounge up some energy to do my own writing.

-Dave Wardman over at Physical Alchemy has coined what he calls “deathstyle coaching”, a shout out to all the people who are wasting their potential and lazing around when they have so much to offer the world, he reminds them that they could at any moment DIE, and to use this thought to get their asses moving.

-Bigger,Fatter…Sexier? a post that is sure to get some people angry, Bryan talks about Tess Holidays modelling contract as an overweight woman. I think there are pros and cons to this, the obsession with toothpick sized women in modelling has always irritated me, but I definitely do not think we should be going around telling people it is healthy to be this overweight. There is a big difference between someone being naturally curvy or just being cool with someone having some fat on them, and being in the 300+ pound areas. ¬†Interesting read regardless.

-Two articles by Maria Popova over at , I am really loving her blog and wish I had the dedication to reading that she does. My to-read list has doubled since I started reading her site. In these two articles, a small one praising the benefits of playing and listening to music on human cognition, and the other on Anna Deavere Smiths writings on truly listening and connecting with others are great as usual.

That’s all for today, hope you enjoy!

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