Dreaming of sleep

Sleep calls to me.

It whispers to me, oh so gently it whispers to me.

Every waking hour is pain and exhaustion.

I cannot remember when I did not feel this need for it.

Forced laughter, wide smiles and fleeting excitement.

Can they not see the pain? How can they not see?…

Of course they can’t.

I have covered it up like a woman applying makeup to hide the flaws she has created in her mind.

Sleep. I crave it so deeply, every waking moment I wish to just curl in a ball and shut out the world.

Perhaps I could induce a coma? that would be pleasant…blessed senselessness.

Sleep. I scream for it. Scratch furrows in the wall in my longing.

But the pain has delved too deep. I cannot get it out. It wont get out. GET IT OUT.

There I am, in the dark, staring at the ceiling again.

-Jason Blanchard

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