Interesting brain bubbles #2

Another little list of interesting facts.

-Nassim Taleb, the widely known author of the black swan and antifragility books gets down and dirty with his team to talk about their thoughts on GMOs.

-Mark Isaak compiled a list of comebacks to every possible thing creationists say to justify their claims or shit on atheists/evolution etc.. it is just awesome.

-Peter Gray lays the smackdown on the idiocy of most ADHD diagnosing , a subject close to my heart as I was put on ritalin until the age of 12, and continue to be part of the montreal childrens hospitals ADHD program, which is a joke as I know more about developments in the science than they do from questions I asked them.

-Katy talks about the biomechanics of gas and it’s well…not as stinky as you would think, nor as noisy if we just learn some basics of physical and nutritional wellness.

Hope you enjoy!

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