Poetry Spotlight #2

Another poem that struck a chord with me.

We all interpret things differently based on our own experiences, and in mine this poem is a mirror into the self inflicted battles I have thrown myself into ever since I was a child.

Whether it is the unrelenting fear of becoming my father, a verbally abusive alcoholic who has been a daily reminder to me of what happens when you LOSE against the demons haunting your soul.

Or the agony of being alone, of never being able to find a small bit of peace with a few people who I can truly connect with as friends and as lovers. To truly feel this thing people call family.

Or simply the utterly terrifying idea of loving every inch of myself, of being happy with who i am as a person and knowing that within me is a good, loving person who has just fucked up a lot and that that is okay because I am Human and Humans make mistakes.

Alas that list can go on and on…thousands of locked doors that i have unlocked and waded into, battling down the ghosts of my past, present and future.

I hope you enjoy this poem by Mia Hollow, here is the original link, she is beginning to be one of my favorite writers.


An Inventory of Secrets #258 by Mia Hollow | 

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