Socially accepted lies. Who are you under all that makeup?

A question for you. When did it become socially acceptable for everyone to be so fake?.

When did it become the NORM for people to wake up every morning and in every way just subconsciously decide they are unhappy with the way they are and that it is OKAY  to just..cover up, push up, lengthen and lie and lie with nary a thought.

I work part time in a mall and so have the wonderful pleasure of seeing first hand the ridiculous falsehoods people have just allowed themselves to fall into. Now sadly this is predominantly a female issue, but every year that goes by men fall into it more and more as well.

Let me describe the average female i see these days. Hair meticulously done up, nothing like the way their hair actually looks when not fixed for an hour every day or paid for at a salon. Make up, eyes made to look larger, contacts of a different color entirely of their actual eyes, lipstick or gloss to make lips look redder or fuller, blush and all that brown crap to cover up any scars, acne, blemishes and to make their skin look more tanned…oh and more cover up so that we dont see the bags under their eyes from lack of sleep.

Shirts, bras  and accessories specifically worn together to make their waists look smaller, breasts look larger and fuller(you think she is a D cup? HA! youre in for a surprise!) and in your face(but don’t look you perv i only wore the bra and shirt like this for myself not for men to look!).

Pants and heeled shoes worn specifically to tighten up their asses, perk them up, make their legs look longer, make them look taller(i will never comprehend females need to look taller? most guys like shorter girls).

All this, and we have not even touched upon the fact that most peoples personalities are so fluid and unreal it is a surprise they can formulate sentences. All people can talk about is what youtube video they saw, what that person did or what happened on their latest television show. Boring, dull and empty of any real sense of self.

All that i wrote on females is obviously more difficult to apply to men, but the idea applies, superbly manicured men, hair always just right, suits and 300 dollar outfits constantly worn, shoes bought simply because a celebrity endorsed them( and this applies tremendously to most of the clothes females and males buy today, shirts, pants and FUCKING BAGS worth a thousand dollars bought simply because of a stupid name on the side when it was probably made for 10 bucks).

And what do we get at the end of all of this? NOTHING. Women complain that men have ridiculous standards for them..but when you look at how women dress then what the hell do you expect?. If you CREATE an impossible to meet standard, then youre constantly forced to keep that standard or face derision. When i start talking to a girl, the first thing i hope to see is them in a bikini and just woken up in the morning with absolutely nothing done so that i know who you truly are. Obviously if youre naked it is even better, firstly so i can truly see how your body is and secondly because damn i love seeing women naked:D.


Now i recognize that there are men out there who want a woman to constantly be fixed up, and guess what my opinion is? FUCK THEM. Anytime i have ever dated someone i do my utmost to instill upon them a few things. I love it when you keep your hair looking like a mess(so fucking sexy). No makeup, i want to taste your skin and lips without any crap on them, i want to look into your eyes and see their true color, because ALL COLORS are beautiful and have unique attraction. I want a woman to wear no bra, because its healthier for your breasts and damn do boobs look awesome in a shirt with no bra.

I want to see your ass looking good because it just is, not because you think they look good only in two of the pants you own. I want you to be your natural height because women of all heights are attractive. I want you to not wear any kind of heeled shoe, ANY HEEL NO MATTER HOW SMALL is not healthy for your feet and your entire body structure creating massive imbalances leading to a host of physical issues.

This all applies to men as well, as a straight male i still find it nice to admire a good looking guy, i can appreciate different aspects of men, size and dimensions and everyones unique look. I used to actually think i might be bisexual, but besides the casual appreciation of a look i have just never desired a man, i mean women are just too much for me to handle as it is there’s so much to see in women!.

Anyway this rant is getting long and deserves a conclusion.

Men and Women of the world , i hereby pronounce that you should all take a good long look in the mirror at yourself naked and realize that although it is a great idea to eat healthy, move and laugh and do things you enjoy which will lead a healthier body and look, and YES you can wear some nice clothes that suit your body, STOP trying to manipulate every single aspect of how you look and basically announcing to the world that you consider yourself too ugly or imperfect to be allowed out of the house without 2 hours of preparation.

Every person has beauty in them, and you should let your natural light shine as purely as can be.

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