Interesting Brain Bubbles #1

I will gather any interesting articles, whosits and whatsits and smash them all together into one article every once in awhile to hopefully spark some fun ideas in people who may not have seen them if not for little ol’ me. Have fun with them!.

-A fun look at one scientists underlying theory of lifes origin, very cool theory…slightly over my head in terms of understanding haha.

-A very nice video showcasing a mix of basic and advanced movement work by evolvemoveplay author and mover. Really fun look for people who want to understand what people are talking about when they say general movement exploration.

-Anthony Mychal is one of my favorite fitness/movement philosophers, in this article he explores the myth of repetition as a mechanical, boring practice and how we should view it more as exploration of our growth as human beings.

-Mark Sisson has been preaching health for years, and for a 60 year old man he looks fantastic, and also has one of the best views on health i have read. In this article he explores our concept of self care, and how more people need to take care not just with their food and exercise, but doing the things we need to be happy, like enjoyable hobbies, massages, time to think and whatever else you need.

-Bryan Krahn has put out another quirky, amusing article that has actually helped me view the term bodybuilder with more approval and open mindedness, in this post he breaks it all down in a fun way.


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