Lies untold, myths collapsed, new beginnings.

This is the third blog i have started and hopefully it will be the one to finally click with me. My past 2 blogs were predominantly focused on health issues, as well as a smattering of my own personal life thrown in.  I found the general focus on health to be more productive for me as it is such a huge obsession of mine, but slowly as the years have progressed and i found myself writing and making videos with less and less frequency, i realized that the focus on only talking about health limited me as my interests have grown quite a bit, as well as a desire to talk of other things in general. Health is quite an interesting field of research for if you understand all the factors that go into it you realize it spans over dozens of fields of study, from chemistry to environment to psychology, agriculture, sociology, anthropology etc.. it just goes on and on because true health is a conglomeration of many different inputs and outputs.

On my past blogs i would really talk alot about developing the self in regards to health , as well as general ideas on nutrition and fitness, but i never properly shared my ideas on other things, nor did i fully give voice to my opinions. I have very strong views on quite a bit in life, it has led to quite a few confrontations with people, but i have accepted the fact that if you are going to stand for anything, you are going to make enemies and have a lot of people get pissed at you, so either you end up like most of the sheep in this world who literally have no fucking opinion whatsoever, no hobbies or interests and just little shits who spend all their time looking at pictures of cats, or you say fuck it to the world and just say what you really think and feel, with the caveat that you are human, that you are open to other ideas and opinions but that that does not mean you have to take their opinions as gospel and agree with them, and that you are A HUNDRED PERCENT  ALLOWED TO CHANGE YOUR MIND ABOUT SHIT, even if you feel like youre totally right at one point about something, and then a year later you realize how idiotic you were and say something different…shockingly our ideas are allowed to evolve..i know crazy talk right?.

Anyway, this new blog is my attempt to really just branch out, make a blog where i openly and honestly say every gosh darn thing i think about and like, whether that be on health, religion, politics, the idiocy of cat obsessed people or just an honest thumbs up or down to a book or movie i have experienced.  It is my personal journal, opened to the world , because even though i honestly do not give a damn what people think of my opinions, no one wants to have their ideas lost, we all want to feel like we have touched or been heard by at least one person in this world, that is why art and poetry and film has moved us for centuries, as these people bared their souls to the world. I doubt i will ever touch someone that deeply, but if i can seriously piss someone off or get a laugh out of someone, ill consider my work done.

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